Gourmet bites {garnished bread}

Breakfast | September 25, 2016 | By

Ah, Sundays! You get to sleep in a little and more importantly, really take your time for breakfast. I love it! During the week, my go-to breakfast are either eggs (in all possible, basic, ways) or greek yogurt with fruits and oats or banana pancakes. But on weekends, I like to get creative. So today I made a whole feast..

1. Homemade Concord Grape Jam and Butter

We had so much grapes in our back yard again this year that we decided to make juice from most of them. But some were “left behind” for us to enjoy which was the perfect chance for me to try and make my own, homemade, sugar free jam. It’s so delicious! And it goes so well with whole wheat spelt bread and butter!


2. Homemade Nutella, Mint and Tangerines

You already know how to make your very own delicious, healthy and sugar free Nutella, right? Well, Autumn is here and with it, tangerines! They are a perfect match with anything chocolate-y, so grab a spoonful of Nutella and top a slice of bread with this delicious combination.


3. Cream Cheese, Mango White Vinegar Sauce, Grilled Pears and Pine Nuts

Last but not least, probably the most gourmet combination of all three. Cream cheese is not just for savoury dishes. I topped with some grilled pears, just a little bit of the divine mango white vinegar sauce from Kraljestvo sirov, roasted pine nuts and just a tiny sprinke of goat cheese with nettle. Yum!



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