Bacon, spinach and scrambled eggs sandwiches

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I know this is not a ground braking, earth moving, genius, brand new idea, but it is delicious, hearth-warming and belly pleasing. It’s so simple you’ll be able to whip it up in about 10 minutes. That is, if you have all the ingredients at home and an Aldi (Hofer – depends on where you’re from) nearby. Because they have just the best corn buns in the world and I don’t think I’d be able to make better ones.

For 2 people you’ll need:

2 corn buns

4 eggs

a splash of heavy cream

6 slices of bacon

fresh baby spinach


salt, peper and chives

Heat up a pan to a really low heat and lay in the bacon strips – you will want to have a really low heat so that the fat melts slowly and the bacon gets crispy. Just as you start to smell it burning just a little, remove it from the pan and let it rest straight. Add the eggs to the same pan and whisk them quickly – by whisking them in the pan you use one less dish to prepare the breakfast and the eggs will which just as nicely. Season with salt and pepper and mix in some heavy cream to make them fluffier.

Slice the buns in half lengthwise and spread some butter on both sides. Add the spinach leaves, the bacon and the eggs, and sprinkle with some diced chives. That simple! Enjoy!



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