Chocolate cake with white chocolate caramel mousse and bananas

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Cakes. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, random days.. there’s always a reason to have cake. After all, there’s at least always someone’s birthday somewhere, right? Even if you don’t know them.

Well, the last time I baked a cake, it was for a whole other reason. My brother makes these amazing cake toppers and he asked me if I could help him take cool pictures of them. And how better to do that then to go and bake a cake. Or two (the second one coming in a separate blog). I found a chocolate sponge cake recipe on MidvaKuhava page (and used their awesome cake calculator that helps you change the size of your baking pan), and just invented the filling and the results were.. yuuum!

Ingredients (for one 20cm round cake, 10cm high – makes 14 to 18 pieces):

  • 9 smaller eggs
  • 108 grams of butter
  • 144 grams of flour
  • 54 grams of cocoa powder
  • 108 grams of sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 300grams BAM white chocolate with caramel (you can get it here)
  • 2 tbsp of powdered sugar
  • 750ml of whipping cream
  • 6 gelatine leaves
  • 2 bananas
  • some milk (for soaking the sponge cake)

How to:

Start off by making the sponge cake. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (360 Fahrenheit) and line a 20cm round tin with baking paper on the bottom and grease it with butter on the sides. If you have three such tins, use them, if not, just repeat the process 3 times.

Beat the eggs and the butter until really fluffy and then whip in the melted butter. In a separate bowl whisk together the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder and baking powder), and then fold them in the egg mixture. Divide in three equal sized batches (I usually weigh the batter to get even sized sponge cakes) and bake each for 12 minutes. Let cool completely.

For the filing, heat 300 millilitres of the whipping cream and the chocolate at medium heat, while soaking the gelatine leaves in cold water. Once melted, mix the gelatine in the chocolate (drain it of any water before you do so) and mix until it completely dissolves. Whip the remaining whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Cool the chocolate mixture down (but not so much as to let it allow to start setting) and gently fold it into the whipped cream.

Line the baking tin (spring form) with acetate foil (this prevents the cake from sticking to the sides and allows you to create nice straight lines). Place one sponge cake on the bottom and soak it with a bit of milk. Top it with pieces of one banana and cover with almost a half of the chocolate mousse. Repeat with the second layer and top with the remaining third sponge. Keep just a little bit of the mousse for the top. Let the cake set overnight in the springform and decorate in the morning.

3 days in Porto

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Well, actually two days, because I suggest you spend one day discovering the Douro Valley and its wines. The itinerary is set for a full three days, meaning that you arrive by plane the evening before and leave home on what is actually day 5, in the morning.

Day 1

Start your day at a normal hour (yaaay, no getting up early on vacation) because, well, basically nothing is open before 9.30 a.m. We stayed at a very central location, the Clerigos city center Studio 2 apartment, on Rua Conde de Vizela, which is two blocks away from the famous Livraria Lello (not that we got to see it, though, but more about that later) and a block away from all the restaurant and bars.

We started our day at the Zenith Porto Brunch & Cocktails where the food is really delicious, the service is fast and friendly and the prices are good. For some reason I expected Porto to be expensive, but it really wasn’t! Oh, bonus points for Zenith – everything is EXTREMELY Instagramable.

Up next was a lot of walking. First we went to see the Igreja dos Carmelitas. It’s so majestic. And blue. It’s actually lined with tiles, a very interesting way to cover a building if you ask me, but really beautiful.

Igreja dos Carmelitas

Up next was the São Bento Railway Station. It’s a 20th Century railway station, covered with – you’ve guessed it – white and blue tiles. The station is quite busy, but worth a stop to admire the wonderful architecture. Next, and just a few blocks up the hill is the beautiful, white and blue Church of San Ildefonso.

After that, walk (or better said get lost) in the streets of Porto while making your way down to the Luis I Bridge and take a walk on it. But don’t cross to the other side – that one is reserved for day 3.

Standing on the Luis I Bridge

Rather return back and make your way down to the river. Old trams will pass you by and tempt you to take a ride instead of walking, but don’t. You’ll stumble upon Tasquinha d’Ouro with a very cool vibe and affordable coffee and Somersby to rest your legs a little. You’re walking towards Farol das Felgueiras (a lighthouse) which is a good 1 hour walk from the city center.

Walk back towards the center, but this time more up and away from the river, and you will reach the Porto Botanical gardens. Enjoy the peace and tranquility in the middle of the city. Plus they have some really photogenic buildings and stairs there.

The botanical gardens

Call an Uber (because, honestly, your legs will hurt a lot plus you’ll be hungry!) and let it take you to Adega Mercearia Bebe se Mal. It’s a small restaurant with just a few tables, which they cover with paper (which they change for each customer), and with literally just one menu. They didn’t even speak English, but we managed to order some fish and octopus with shrimp. And boy did we order well! It was finger-lickingly good, with just the right seasoning and tones of garlic. And the potatoes! Even when I couldn’t eat anymore, I ate some more.

After some well deserved rest (another perk of staying in the center of everything – you can go home for a quick nap and to recharge your phone) we visited the Chapel of Souls – another gorgeous building with blue and white tiles.

We finished the day with happy hour at MaoMaria and a small burger at Honorato Clerigos. Yum!

Day 2

Day two will start a little earlier, as adventure lies ahead. I highly recommend the Living Tours trip to the Douro Valley which includes transfer, traditionally made bread (to line your belly for all the wine tasting), wine tasting, lunch at an amazing location, a boat ride on the Douro River and another wine tasting. We LOVED IT!

After a two hour ride and some delicious bread with butter we were ready for wine tasting at Quinta da Avessada. We stared with sweet wine Moscatel and some history of the winery and the winemaking. After that, our lovely host invited us to the lunch room. We saw some prepared tables before at the restaurant so we assumed we were going to have our lunch there. But we were pleasantly surprised when they opened the door to an old winemaking space with some barrels still there and some really clever wine storage designs. We ate some delicious food in this lovely atmosphere. And of course drank some more wine.

We continued back to our mini bus and drove down the breathtaking landscape to the boat on the Douro River. A 50 minute cruise was gorgeous and relaxing, with warm sun on our cheeks and beautiful reflections in our eyes.

Next stop: Quinta da Roeda. Home of the Croft Port wine. After a tour of the estate and a description of the wine making process, we again had some wine tasting to do. Tough life!

Despite eating and drinking all day, you’ll be hungry again when you get back. And I suggest you visit Taberna Folias de Baco. Again a small, family owned restaurant, with friendly people and delicious food. We ordered a menu for 2, which included 2 glasses of wine, which they produce themselves, some cold cuts of meat, olives, cheese, a sausage, and deliciously loaded breads. Such amazing combinations of tuna and port caramelised onions or prosciutto with mint. And all for just 25 EUR for both.

Yes, there can be some waiting involved.

Day 3

Another day you can start late. Well, unless you want to see the Livraria Lello. We came there 20 minutes before it was supposed to open, and the line was already 200 meters long. And double – one for vouchers and one to then actually get in. We, therefore, made the only logical decision and went to Zenith again. No regrets.

Fulled up again, we began our second day of walking all day. We made our way down to the river again and crossed the Luis I Bridge (the lower level). Our mission – to find the rock from which you can take amazing photos of the bridge. We followed the instructions to get there to the T, but did not find it. Mind you, Porto is like San Francisco (haven’t seen it yet, but so I’ve heard) – up and down and up and down, so we were well out of our breath with no success. We think we saw the rock but couldn’t get to it because of some street renovations. Well, gotta leave something for next time.

We instead made our way up to Miradouro da Setta do Pilar – it’s a spot where you can get some amazing views of Porto and it’s free, so I highly recommend it.

After returning back down to the river, we enjoyed the views and the chill vibe, and had a coffee at a cute cafe with a funny waiter.

Our afternoon began with – surprise, surprise – wine tasting at Ferreira. You have a lot of wineries (or are the called Portmakeries?) so you have a lot of options to choose and might even get away with not booking your tour in advance at all. I do have to warn you, though – Port wine is really really sweet, so taking a 5 wines tasting might be too much. It was for us.

After that, return back to the other side of the river and shop for local delicacies at the meia.duzia. They offer jams and a few savoury spreads, and you can taste them all. At first I thought they sell hair color or hand creams when I saw the packaging. But no, it’s better. It’s food!!

Maracuja with ginger, strawbery with port wine and chilly and mango chutney

Finish your day strong, with burgers and cocktails of course! And get a good night sleep if you have an early flight to catch.

Sendviči s slanino, svežo mlado špinačo in vmešanimi jajci

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(več …)

Preprosta slana pita (quiche) s porom in slanino ter spomladansko solato

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Slana pita (t.i. quiche) je, poleg izbire, za katero NFL ekipo bo kdo navijal, skoraj edina stvar, ki deli najin dom na pol – jaz jo obožujem, Aljoša jo sovraži. No, sovraži je morda res malo premočna beseda, ampak je pa res res ne mara.

(več …)

10 tips for the best weekend in London

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1. Plan ahead

London is a huge city and if you only have a good two or three days there, you really really need to plan ahead, divide the city into parts and see which sights and locations are close to each other and you can squeeze them into the same day. By knowing what and where you want to see, you’ll also know whether to take the London Pass (point 3) or not.

If you plan well, you’ll be able to visit one or more of the amazing markets, such as The Columbia Road flower market, the Broadway market and the Duke of York Square market (check the opening times online). We didn’t get the chance to visit those because (a) it was raining when the flower market was open, and (b) we were there for the NFL UK game, so that took one of the weekend days as well.

2. Go to the Old Hat pub

It might sound like a random advice for a post about general tips on weekend in London but it really is a whole experience and the best of both worlds, basically. Why? Because it’s not a random, half-run-down pub but a really polished place you wouldn’t even call a pub, but at the same time has all the qualities a pub must have – cheap beer and G&Ts and delicious, mostly fried food that comes in big piles and tones of side sauces and dips that don’t always make sense.

Oh, and some fun moments: an old guy, sitting in his booth, watching TV and drinking beer, while falling asleep all of a sudden, still holding his beer, of course. Or two guys, hitting on the same woman, by the bar, all around 40 years old and not that attractive. You really can just sit there all day and observe the people. And drink gin of course.

3. Take the London Pass or at least the Hop-on-Hop-off bus

The London Pass is a sightseer credits package, that allows you to visit all attractions on their list. This is why it’s good to plan ahead. Some museums and galleries in London are free, so if this is on your list, London Pass might not be useful. But there’s a bunch of interesting things to see that are included in the London Pass, one of them being the London ZOO. There you can even hang out with King Julian up close as they have a space where you can actually get inside the enclosure with them. Museum of toys and London transport museum are also included in the pass, for example, as well as the Tower of London.

Otherwise at least buy a ticket for the Hop-on-Hop-off bus, since they all have live guides (some of them quite funny) and you get to see London from “above” (= not riding the underground) without needing to walk for miles and miles. Hop-on-hp-off busses are a great way to get from one place of interest to the other, and they even take you across the Tower Bridge.

4. Visit Notting Hill

Whether you’ve watched the movie or not, Notting Hill is a must visit for everyone, apart from those who for some reason really really hate pretty buildings. Is there such people? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the houses in Notting Hill are charming and welcoming. Maybe even to welcoming for the people who actually live there and have Instagramers standing on their front door, posing for the picture with the most likes. I didn’t do that but I did take some lovely pictures of the neighbourhood from a (sort of) respectful distance.

Also nearby is the Museum of Brands, where you can see the history of packaging, brands and advertising and it’s actually quite fun. Also included in the London Pass.

5. Prepare to wait

Wait for the Underground train (which run very often, not to be mistaken), wait for the hop-on-hop-off bus, wait to buy tickets, wait to get through security check and.. wait to get your picture taken at Platform 9 3/4. The platform 9 3/4 is inside the King’s Cross station (which is quite obvious but the Google maps shows it almost outside the station plus at one entrance it seems like you need a ticket to even get inside the station, but you don’t) – just go inside the station through the main gate and walk straight down towards – yes, you’ve guessed it – platforms 9 and 10, and you’ll see it on the right. If nothing else, a long line of people should give it away.

You can have a friend take a picture of you for no charge or you can buy the “official” picture taken by one of the employees. No one pushes you to buy the photo, though, so that’s something I really liked.

6. Eat Asian food

While trying not to insult anyone, I’m going to gently try to say that British food is not one of the best in the world. Luckily, though, London is a real melting pot which brings an amazing thing with it – loads and loads of different restaurants. While it would probably take you around 50 years to try out all the restaurants in London (for real, there were more than 18.000 in 2015) and I am far from being able to say that I am an expert in London restaurants and can suggest THE best one, I can suggest you go to some Asian restaurants with delicious food: Viet Eat and On the Bab (Covent Garden). A tip: order different small portions and share, so you can try as many things as possible.

Feast at Viet Eat

7. Visit the Beafeeter distilery

One of the “hidden gems” of London (at least for the G&T lovers) is the Beefeater distillery. It’s included in the London Pass or you can pay 15 GBP for a guided tour with tasting and one gin & tonic per person. The building itself is quite stunning, don’t you think?

But what’s even more stunning is that this is actually a quite small distillery which is their only distillery, producing Beefeater gin for the entire world. They made 35 million bottles in 2017, and what’s even more impressive, only 5 people work on the actual production of the gin (so this does not include development, administration etc., of course). Yeah, you heard right, 5 people! Plus you get to taste a few shots of gin and enjoy a gin and tonic at their bar.

8. Get lost in the city

Just stroll around and enjoy the views. While the underground and the bus will get you almost anywhere, it’s sometimes fun to just walk around and see what you can see along the way, with just a basic destination set in your navigation, but kind off ignoring it most of the time. One great route to do so is the way from the Westminster station where you can see Big Ben and the London Eye, all the way up to the Covent Garden. Walk along the river as long as you can, and you’ll pass the Scotland Yard and some lovely gardens and buildings. Covent Garden is an experience as well, both in the morning when you can see it all peaceful and clean as well as in the afternoon when it’s all busy and buzzing.

9. Visit the Old Bank of England Pub

I know, I know, another pub, but this one really is more of a museum than a pub. The pub resides in the old Law Court’s branch of the previous Bank of England which operated from 1888 to 1975 and the interior is spectacular. Just order some draft beer and enjoy the views. You can just sit there all day and enjoy the little details of this gorgeous interior. And the good thing is, the pub is along the Fleet Street, where the Hop-on-hop-off bus lines drive and in the afternoon when the city is super busy and the traffic isn’t going anywhere, you can just get off the bus and spend some time here instead.

10. Don’t lose your Oyster card

Just kidding, I only said that because Aljoša managed to lose it in the first hour after we’ve bought it. But, yeah, don’t lose it. Oyster card is basically the only way to get around London with public transport, so you make sure you get it. It works both with underground as well as buses and you’ll see after each ride how much money you have left. What is something most tourists don’t seem to know, though, is the fact that you can get the “deposit”, that you pay for the card when you buy it, back. How? Just head to one of the machines where you can top it up, and chose the return option. There’ll be helpful underground employees there to help you, so don’t worry. This does not work with the Oyster card that comes with the London Pass, though, since you also don’t pay any deposit there. You can get the leftover money back, though, the same way as described above.

Panna Cotta s pijanimi slivami

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Ko za darilo dobiš res dobro sladko vino (v najinem primeru sladek, karamelno rjav tokaj, vreden 50 EUR za pol litra, prinešen v plastenki od kisa), lahko bodisi celega spiješ, bodisi ga del nameniš tej sladici. Sladica je preprosta, in tak okusna, da jo celo tisti, ki sladic sicer ne marajo preveč (česar sicer ne razumem), pohvalijo in hočejo še. 

Ker sem sama ena tistih, ki kar se da hitro preskočijo uvodna “nakladanja” pred recepti, ker bi rada samo čimprej videla sestavine, koliko časa potrebujem in kako zapleten je recept, bom na tej točki končaka in kar takoj prešla na recept:

Za 4 – 6 kozarčkov potrebujemo:
750ml Mu Cuisine UHT smetane za stepanje
50g sladkorja
4 lističi želatine
1 vanili sladkor
190 g ali ena skodelica razkoščičenih suhih sliv
3/4 skodelice oziroma 190 ml sladkega vina
7 žlic vode

Lističe želatine namočimo v hladni vodi.
V kozici segrevamo smetano do vretja, dodamo sladkor ter na majhnem ognju kuhamo približno 10 minut. V kuhano smetano vmešamo ožeto želatino in odstavimo z ognja. Pustimo, da se ohladi na sobno temperaturo in prelijemo v poljubne kozarčke. Čez noč postavimo v hladilnik, da se dodobra shladi.
Na dan, ko bomo panna cotto postregli, v sladkem vinu približno 15 minut (oziroma dokler se ne zmehčajo) kuhamo suhe slive. Alkohol bo sicer povrel, lahko pa za otroke slive pokuhamo tudi v soku. Po potrebi dodamo nekaj žlic vode. Prekuhane slive v mešalniku zmeljemo do gladkega in dodamo še preostale žlice vode ter cimet. Mlačno premažemo po panna cotti in postrežemo z nekaj nadrobljenimi ingverjevimi piškotki.

Morocco in two weeks – travel guide (part 2)

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Day 8

Early in the morning you’ll drive up to Chefchaouen. The blue city. “There are several theories as to why the walls were painted blue. One popular theory is that the blue keeps mosquitos away, another is that Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s. The blue is said to symbolize the sky and heaven, and serve as a reminder to lead a spiritual life. However, according to some locals, the walls were mandated to be painted blue simply to attract tourists at some point in the 1970s.” (source: Wikipedia). If the later is true, it sure is working.

(več …)

Maroko v dveh tednih – potovalni vodič (1. del)

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Maroko je težko opisati z enim samim stavkom. Res, res težko! Že vseh besed, ki opisujejo pokrajino, ne morem stlačiti v en stavek, kaj šele vseh pridevnikov, ki bi opisali okuse, tržnice, riade in ljudi. Lahko pa večino Maroka vidite v 2 tednih in v tem zapisu vam predstavljam prvi del dvotedenskega programa za potovanje.

Kako jim use narediti tako popolne kupe?

1. dan

Odletite v Marrakesh s sebi najbližjega in cenovno najbolj ugodnega letališča. Naš je bil glede na čas in izbrane datume Milano. Sicer pa je možno dobiti poceni lete iz marsikaterega letališča – jaz si pri iskanju najraje pomagam s Naše letalo je imelo odhod popoldne, zato smo v Marrakesh prispele zvečer. Predlagam, da si prenočišče vsaj za prvo noč rezervirate vnaprej in se z njimi tudi dogovorite za prevoz z letališča. Prevoz ni drag, je pa najenostavnejši način v novem mestu, ki ga ne poznate.

Dobrodošli na letališče Marrakech

Me smo bile že prvi večer tako lačne, da smo se odločile takoj obiskati glavni trg in tržnico, imenovano Jamaa-el-Fnaa. Predlagam, da če se odločite za obisk, malo pobrskate med različnimi stojnicami in se odločite za tisto, ki vam je najbolj ušeč izmed tistih, pri katerih ne sedijo sami turisti. Tam bodo namreč cene največje, hrana pa nič posebnega. Domačini že vedo, zato pojdite tja, kjer so oni.


2. dan

Drugi dan preživite v Marrakeshu. Tako imate čas, da se malo prilagodite in privadite na okolje, ter hkrati uredite, kar potrebujete za naslednje dni. Po okusnem zajtrku se odpravite v center in se sprehodite po njegovih ulicah. Predlagam, da vključite vse spodaj navedeno, vrstni red pa seveda prilagodite lokaciji vašega riada.

Riad je posebne vrste “hotel”, dejansko manjša stavba, z dvoriščem v sredini, okrašenim z raznoraznimi maroškimi okraski in hkrati tudi prostor za vaš zajtrk. Meni so mnogo bolj prisrčni kot hoteli, cene pa so ponavadi tudi bolj sprejemljive.

Tipičen zajtrk v riadu


Obiščite Bahia Palace, kjer je kar nekaj prikupnih točk za fotografiranje, hkrati pa daje tak prijeten, miren občutek. Zatavajte naprej po ozkih uličicah in tržnicah, s ciljem v skrivnih vrtovih – Le Jardin Secret. To so majhni vrtovi sredi mesta, z vstopnino 50 Dirhamov (kar je okoli 5 EUR). Sprehodite se po tržnici (imenujejo se “souk”) in odklonite vse morebtine ponudbe za kamele (čeprav so le-te, kot smo ugotovile kasneje, vredne kar precej). Upoštevajte, da vam na tržnicah v Maroku vedno, ampak res vedno, ponujajo vse mogoče, in da bodo, če bodo videli, da vam je stvar všeč, res vztrajali da jo kupite. Če si stvar res želite, se dobro spogajajte, sicer pa preprosto pojdite stran. Če vam bodo stvar res želeli prodati, bodo stekli za vami in vam jo ponudili za vašo ceno. Sprehodite se do Jardin Majorelle – tako imenovane Yves Saint Laurent vrtove. Če nimate sreče in je vrsta predolga, se ne sekirajte. Zadnje dni potovanja se vračate v Marrakesh in boste vrtove obiskali takrat – tudi me smo naredile tako.



Namesto v vrtove se odpravite v bližnjo trgovinico z alkoholom (imenuje se Mini Marche Majorelle) in je skoraj da edina trgovina, kjer lahko kupite alkohol. Maroko je nenazadnje muslimanska država. Alkohol kupujete iz enega samega preprostega razloga – razkužitev! Po vsakem obroku spijte požirek – preverjeno deluje bolje kot kakršna koli neprilagojena zdravila, ki jih prinesete od doma. Hkrati rezervirajte še avto za naslednjih 10 dni – me smo se odločile za Kat Car družbo, in smo bile zelo zadovoljne. V Maroku namrče nikoli ne veš, a tukaj smo dobile res dober, nov avto, in dobro ceno. Večinoma bodo od vas želeli, da pustite varščino s kreditno kartico, a ker nikoli ne veš, kdo jo lahko zlorabi, ko tebe že dolgo ni več v Maroku, se vedno poskusite dogovoriti, da kot varščino pustite denar (in ga imejte temu primerno več s seboj).

Zdaj si samo še izpogajajte dobro ceno za vožnjo s kočijo, ki vas bo odpeljala nazaj do centra. Pri Jardin Majorelle jih čaka ogromno. Uživajte v kavici v Cafe Kif Kif in povečerjajte v eni od restavracij okoli glavnega trga.

Vožnja s kočijo


Cafe Kif Kif


3. dan

Po zajtrku se odpravite proti jugovzhodu. Me smo se dogovorile, da nam avto pripeljejo kar pred riad, in s tem sploh niso imeli problema, tako da le prosite za to opcijo. Kam greste? V deželo Igre prestolov. No, skoraj. Prvi cilj je Ait Benhaddou, lokacija mesta Yunkai iz serije Game fo thrones. Hkrati pa tudi lokacije snemanja številnih filmov. Vožnje je po navodilih Google zemljevidov 4 ure, zato računajte, da boste porabili približno 6 ur. Ceste v Maroku namreč zanjo biti kar slabe, zaradi štedih jemajočih razgledov pase boste tudi pogosto ustavljali. Današnji dan je namreč poln čudovitih pokrajin. Za to, da boste videli kar največ, boste morali malo “nasprotovati” idejam Google-a in ubrati malo daljšo pot. Najprej si nastavite destinacijo tako, da boste za prelazom Tizi’n’Tichka zavili ostro levo (destonasija naj bo na primer vasica Adaha), nato pa lahko ponovno nastavite destinacijo Ait Banhaddou. Tako boste namreč po sicer blatni, peščeni poti, doživeli ene najlepših razgledov v Maroku. Pa teh ni malo!



Ait Benhaddou izgleda kot mesto, narejeno prav za kakšen film, ampak je dejansko pravo mesto, ki predstavlja maroško arhitekturo z zemelsko glino.

Ait Benhaddou


Noč preživite v Camping de l’escale – vendar pa si zagotovite, da rezervacijo opravite vnaprej, saj je to primarno kamp, in imajo tako sob bolj malo. Imajo pa super bazenček, večerjo in zajtrk, ter krasno lokacijo za nadaljevanje poti naslednji dan.

Bazen v kampu

4. dan

Na četrti dan se odpravljate v puščavo. A še pred tem vas čaka še en postanek. Gorges Dades. Morda ste že kdaj kje videli fotografije neverjetno vijugaste ceste, pa morda niste vedeli, da je v Maroku. No, jaz že nisem, so pa na srečo moje sopotnice, in zato smo zavile še tja gor. Naredite to tudi vi. Na vrhu je na najboljši razgledni točki prikladno (za njih) postavljen hotelček z restavracijo, ki seveda zahteva, da plačate (kupite nekaj), da lahko z njihove terase fotografirate. No, me smo rekle, da “potem bi pa sveže stisnjen pomarančni sok, prosim”. Ker ga niso imeli, smo rekle, da drugega pa ne bi in šle. Zastonj razgled!

Na poti nazaj smo se ustavile v restavraciji z vrhunskim razgledom in okusno, prav za nas sveže pripravljeno hrano.

Spočite in site smo nadaljevale pot proti Sahari, kar predlagam tudi vam. Današnji cilj je Merzouga, mesto na “vhodu” v Saharo. Prenočišče si lahko rezervirate vnaprej, izven sezone pa lahko tudi na licu mesta malo pobarantate in dobite malo boljšo ceno. Me smo prespale v Palais des Dunes – iker smo dobile najboljšo ponudbo, pa še bazen in vrhunsko večerjo so imeli.

Kam naprej?


Razgledi na poti

Dogovorite se za izlet s kamelami naslednji dan. Ta se bo verjetno začel okoli 17ih popoldne, da še ujamete nekaj sonca, nato pa ponoči prespite v puščavi.

Day 5

Ker se izlet s kamelami začne šele popoldne, lahko prvo polovico dneva uživate ob bazenu in se tudi sami malo sprehodite po sipinah. Te so namreč dobesedno čez cesto.

Preden se odpravite v puščavo, v ruzaček spakirajte sončno kremo, dolgo majico, dolge hlače, kapo (ali pa prosite, da vam vodiči naredijo tudban), ter dodatno spodnje perilo, ščetko in pasto, pižamo ter nekaj, kar boste oblekli naslednji dan. Spali boste namreč v puščavi! Jahanje kamele je zabavno in čudno hkrati. Kot bi sedel na neki zibajoči se žogi ali ladji, takšni za katero nisi čisto prepričan, ali ima ravnotežje ali ne. Včasih se ti namreč zdi kot da bo kamela padla po sipini navzdol. A brez skrbi, to je njihov teritorij in “obvladajo sceno”. Raje uživajte v božanskih razgledih na poti do kampa, pa še vodič vam bo naredil par vrhunskih fotografij.



Brez komentarja

Večer zaključite z večerjo in glasbo v kampu, ter spanjem v šotorih, ki io pravo posteljo in nekateri celo stranišče.

Me smo svoj izlet rezervirale pri Saidu, oziroma kot ga kliče Zvone Šeruga, pri Srečkotu, in nismo bile razočarane. Najbolje, da ga kontaktirate kar na –  saj očitno dela bolj na podlagi dobre besede kot pa da bi si ustvaril spletno stran. Če omenite, da vam ga je priporočil Zvone ter Urša iz skupinice 4 punc, bi moral vedeti. Said je sicer smešen dečko, ki si nadvse želi samo to, da bi se preselil v Evropo. Verjame namreč, da je tam življenje čisto drugačno in mnogo boljše, oziroma kar popolno. 

Čas za čaj

6. dan

Šesti dan se boste zbudili v puščavi. To je res eden od nepozabnih trenutkov, ko priplezaš iz šotora in je vse okoli tebe puščavski pesek, na sredini pa te čaka mizica, kjer ti bodo postregli zajtrk. Naši gostitelji so si kar vzeli čas, zato smo pozajtrkovale okoli 11. ure, nato pa se dogovorile za “puščasvsko dogoivščino”. No, me smo si to predstavljale malo drugače kot oni, saj smo mislile, da to pomeni divjanje z avtomobili po sipinah, dejansko pa je bil to izlet po črni puščavi – čisto turističen. Je pa bilo zanimivo obiskati nomade, ki so nam postregli čaj in arašide, ter videti male puščavske lisičke.


Popoldne se odpravite proti Zaidi, kjer si vnaprej rezervirajte prenočišče. Mesto je res “brezvezno”, vendar pa je super izhodiščna točka za pot do Feza naslednje jutro.

7. dan

Naslednje jutro pričnite zgodaj; pozajtrkujete in se odpravite proti Fezu. Dobro je namreč, da dan končate pred temo, saj so ceste povsem neosvetljene in na določenih mestih res slabe.

Fez je drugo največje mesto v Maroku, takoj za Casablanco. Ima zelo strateški položaj, obišče pa ga ogromno turistov. Najbolj znana je t.i. Medina, notranji del mesta rez avtomobilov in z ogromno trgi in tržnicami. Pazite le na “trike”, ki jih bodo želeli izvajati na vas, ko vas odpeljejo v trgovino na “oled”, ptgem pa želijo, da kaj kupite. Prijazno recite ne, in se odpravite ven. Isto stvar boste par korakov naprej na trćnici dobili za 10x nižjo ceno.

Pavza za kosilo. In ta kruh!!

Me smo si našle vodiča – no, dejansko je on našel nas, takoj ko smo parkirale avto. Predlagam vam enako, saj si lahko za 1 – 5 EUR (več pa res ne!) na osebo priskrbite vodiča in olajšate pot po “labirintu” medine. Naš vodič nas je odpeljal v odlično restavracijo ter nam pokazal “tovarno” barvanja usnja. Med drugim uporabljajo golobje iztrebke, zato je vonj več kot neprijeten, in ne pomagajo niti metini listi, ki jih dobite za pod nos. Vendar pa se izplača, ker je razgled res nekaj posebnega.

V belih sodih so golobji iztrebki, ki poskrbijo za “prijeten” vonj

Dan zaključite v Motelu Rif. Ta je dejansko sredi ničesar (naprej proti severu), ampak je odlično izhodišče za naslednji dan. Kam greste? Namig: mesto je modro in zelo fotogenično!


Najboljšejši tiramisu

Sladice | februar 13, 2019 | By

Ste kdaj gledali serijo Munchies? Midva sva nanjo naletela slučajno, ko sva v Zagrebu jedla pico v restavraciji. Ko sva pred časom iskala, katero kuharsko serijo bi gledala, sva na YouTube-u poiskala tudi serijo Munchies. Eden prvih predlogov je bil recept za domači tiramisu. Izgledal je tako okusen, da sva se odločila, da ga je treba naredit tudi doma. In ne boste verjeli (ali pa boste) – to je prvi tiramisu, ki sem ga kadarkoli naredila.  Ni slab, ne?

(več …)

Škotska v enem tednu – popolni potovalni vodič

Travel | februar 7, 2019 | By

Veliko ste naredili že s tem, da ste se odločili, da boste odpotovali na Škotsko. Verjemite, hvaležni si boste! Prav tako ste si gotovo prebrali mojih OK, 10 nasvetov za potovanje po Škotskem. Še ena stvar, ki jo veste je, da boste na Škotskem preživeli dobrih 7 dni. Zato je vse kar potrebujete še tale moj vodič za potovanje po Škotski v enem tednu, s potovalnim planom za vseh 7 dni. Ne bo vam dolgčas in verjamem, da se boste vrnili najmanj tako navdšeni kot midva.  

1. dan:

Na letališče v Edinburghu boste prispeli bolj pozno zvečer, in kar takoj pri Sixt (ali kakšni drugi družbi) prevzemite avto. Stalo vas bo povsem enako kot, če bi ga vzeli naslednji dan zgodaj zjutraj (če se boste povsem držali tega plana in se ne boste vračali domov kaj kasneje). Prespite v bližnjem hotelu – predlagam Holiday Inn Express, saj je le 3 minute vožnje stran, sobe pa so lepe, čiste in moderne. Edino kar nama pri njihovih hotelih v Veliki Britaniji ni všeč so zajtrki, a to je morda tudi zato, ker nisva ravno navdušenca nad angleškim zajtrkom. No, vsaj izgovor imava, da za zajtrk pojeva rogljiček z Nutello. 

Welcome to Edinburgh.

(več …)