Simple Protein Pancakes with Mascarpone and Fruits

No time to make a super fancy breakfast? Think again! You can take a simple shortcut and make a batch of amazing, delicious, gluten and sugar free pancakes that won’t

Matchia {Matcha Chia Pudding}

If you are one of those people who don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning, I have a solution for you. Make your breakfast a day in advance!

Low Carb Flat Breads {Gluten Free}

Can’t imagine a meal or at least breakfast without some bread? Well, you’re not the only one! It’s no secret that bread (and all carbs for that matter) are addictive.

“Tiramisu” Pancakes {Banana Pancakes with a Twist}

Tiramisu pancakes? What is that? Well, one thing is for sure, it’s a lot more simple than it sounds. Remember those really popular banana pancakes? If you do, go on

Most Delicious Warm Winter Drinks

We all have them – our favorite go – to warm drinks to keep us warm during colder winter days. Those smooth delicious liquids that make sure we feel warm

Chocolate Protein Chia Pudding {Winter Spice}

“There’s nothing wrong if I skip breakfast, right?” Wrong! I know we all sometimes just don’t have the time to prepare ourselves a big nutricious breakfast in the morning but

Tropical Smoothie

It’s getting colder and colder in our part of the world now and the days will keep getting shorter for almost a month. That is why we need to find


Sometimes all we need is a little change. This dish might not taste all that different from the regular sunny side up eggs, but it does look a lot fancier and

Spelt Oat Bread with Walnuts

I find it really hard to find some real good bread in stores these days. Since I don’t eat wheat or buckwheat or corn, that eliminates quite a lot of

Concord Grape, Blueberry & Apple Galette {Gluten & Sugar Free}

It’s been more than a year now, I believe, since I’ve attended two cooking workshops byBarbarella – Green Chef. Her workshops were vegan (which I am not – to the