Matcha Waffles {gluten and sugar free}

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Waffles! It’s been so long since I’ve made them that my poor little waffle maker, patiently waiting in the pantry, was full of bread crumbs and all other sorts dust. Horrible, I know! But its’ day has come again and the dust was gone before you know it, just in time to bake the waffles after the batter has had its’ 10 minute pre-baking rest. Soon, the kitchen smelled of delicious waffles and warm raspberries. Yum!

Waffles are a super easy and quick breakfast, and these here are especially healthy since they don’t contain flour (well, at least not the one in its original meaning, since oat flour is also called flour) or sugar, but contain lots of fiber and (at least for me) super delicious and healthy Matcha.

The inspiration for the base of the waffles was found here, but these specific beauties were prepared as follows:

3/4 cup oat flour (that’s just ground oats)

1 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

Pinch of cinnamon

1 1/2 tsp Sunrise Matcha

3/8 cups milk (any kind)

about 1/8 cup melted coconut oil

1 egg

1 1/2 tbsp Sukrin

Some vanilla extract

Simply mix all dry ingredients well in one bowl and all wet ingredients in another. No electric mixer need, a spoon and a fork will more than do their job. Once mixed, slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, until the batter is of a desired thickness. You’ll know when that is! You might have a little wet ingredients left in the end. Let the batter rest for 10 minutes and then use it to make 3 waffles, baking them just like your waffle maker instructions say. Mine took about 5-6 minutes each. While you wait, warm up some raspberries and whip up some whipping cream and serve them with freshly baked waffles. Bon Appetit!



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    Jonh Smith
    Monday October 3rd, 2016

    I’m loving have another recipe idea for dinner! Thanks, Ursa.

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      Monday October 3rd, 2016

      Happy to be of help 😉

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