Simple Protein Pancakes with Mascarpone and Fruits

No time to make a super fancy breakfast? Think again! You can take a simple shortcut and make a batch of amazing, delicious, gluten and sugar free pancakes that won’t

Matchia {Matcha Chia Pudding}

If you are one of those people who don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning, I have a solution for you. Make your breakfast a day in advance!

Wannabe Oreo Matcha Dirt Dessert

Yaaay, spring is here! And with it sunny days,  thoughts of summer (and that scary thought of wearing swim suits again!), the return of our determination to live a healthier

Homemade Walnut Ice Cream {with Cookies & Raisins}

You guys may have heard of “potica” – a walnut roll, typical for Slovenia (if not, check out my post with a recipe). It’s especially popular around Easter and I

Banana {protein} Ice Cream a.k.a. Nana Ice Cream

Ever get these really huge cravings for sweets? Oh, who am I kidding, we all do! But if you’re on a strict diet that prevents you from having refined sugar

Easter Berry Cupcake Nests

Easter is just around the corner so I wanted to prepare these cute little cupcakes a few weeks early in order for you to have enough time to fall in

No Bake Cheesecake in a Cup {Sugar Free}

And I’m back! Back in the kitchen and back on the blog. Finally! I’ve spent the last 6 months studying for the bar exam and I am happy to say

Most Delicious Warm Winter Drinks

We all have them – our favorite go – to warm drinks to keep us warm during colder winter days. Those smooth delicious liquids that make sure we feel warm

Timeless Chocolate Dessert – Easy Chocolate Ganache Tarts

The perfect crunchy sweet pie crust. Creamy chocolate ganache. Chocolate and raspberries. Chocolate and fleur de sel. Chocolate and nuts. So many amazing flavors and perfect combinations, you may easily

Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies

I always loved the tradition of giving thanks to a person who kindly helped you in any way by giving them a box of homemade sweets such as cookies or