Two (or three or four) ingredient pancakes

Breakfast | September 24, 2014 | By

Who doesn’t love pancakes? I sure do! And when the “trend” of two ingredient pancakes started, I have to say I doubted that only two ingredients can make a delicious pancake. But they do! Yes, I know, this recipe is all over the internet now, but I will share it here anyway. If not for any other reason, for the sake of me being able to publish this amazing photo.


1 large banana

2 whole eggs

Baking powder (optional)

2-3 tbsp raw cacao (optional)


1. Mash the banana with a fork and whisk in the eggs. Add the baking powder if you like your pancakes fluffier and add the raw cacao if you want to make chocolate pancakes.

2. Heat a pan with some olive oil to a medium heat and spoon two tablespoons per pancake in the pan. Wait until the batter starts to bubble (you can check if your pancake is ready to be turned by gently lifting it at the side) and turn it and bake for another minute or so. Top with your choice of fruit, jam, Nutella or any other topping and enjoy.


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