Holiday December Desserts {Culinary Workshop}

Culinary adventures | December 3, 2015 | By

There’s really a lot going on lately in the culinary department for me. One of the things were  Njamzgodbe – a great event, organized by Iva Gruden {Ljubljananjam} and Mateja Delakorda {Zgodbe na krožniku, Radegunda}, meant mostly for culinary bloggers, but also for culinary enthusiasts and companies, that would love to get in touch and meet food bloggers. It’s a great way for us bloggers to meet, exchange experience and advice and maybe get a fun idea for future colaborations. On the other hand, it’s also a great way for companies, which are more and more aware of the meaning of food bloggers, to get in touch with us.  That is how one of the sponsors – Rokmar – decided to invite us to their (otherwise closed for business partners) workshop on making holiday desserts in  Horeca Center in Ljubljana on December 2nd.

I will say it right away – I loved it! The workshop was led by Boštjan Grmek, Rokmars “in house” pastry chef. While their products are mostly meant for companies (well, unless you have a way to use 3 or more kilograms of flavors, gelatin, ice cream ingredients, etc. at home in a short amount of time), Boštjan shared their recipes with us and also gave us some tips on which ingredients to use at home. At first we were all just watching Boštjan and asking questions, but the Sara, a co-blogger, and I decided to ask Boštjan, if we could help him with his creations. And I’m glad we did. He was happy to give us the chance to work on our own (under his watchful eye of course) and we ended up creating most of the desserts and even decorating them in the end. While I’m already thinking about how to make these desserts healthier, I’m sharing some photos and short descriptions of our desserts from yesterday with you.

IMG_0813 - Copy

Instead of trying all the leftover ingredients from the bowl, Sara and I created these lovely little cups of almond shortcake, pistachio mascarpone creme and chocolate ganache for all the participants to enjoy.

IMG_0881 - Copy

Cheesecake in a cup – with Oreo cookies for the base, mascarpone cream with crushed white Kinder Bueno and delicious layers of Rokmars Amaretto.

IMG_0882 - Copy

The final product –  pistachio tiramisu with layers of almond shortcake, pistachio mascarpone creme and chocolate ganache…

IMG_0880 - Copy

… and lots of pretty decorations.

IMG_0879 - Copy

Vanilla cream dome with a pink surprise inside – another smaller pomegranate dome. Covered with chocolate, pomegranate and “snow” and sitting on a delicious candied fruit shortcake.


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