Chocolate Mousse Cake with Pears, Walnuts & Cookie Crust

Chocolate is one of my favorite desserts. I will admit that I used to love all sorts of milk chocolates but I’ve really learned to love the dark chocolates and

Raw Chocolate Mousse

I think it’s safe to say that it is every food bloggers dream that they are noticed by companies from the food industry that are selling products that he or

Concord Grape, Blueberry & Apple Galette {Gluten & Sugar Free}

It’s been more than a year now, I believe, since I’ve attended two cooking workshops byBarbarella – Green Chef. Her workshops were vegan (which I am not – to the

Super Delicious {Sugar Free} Cheesecake

I am one of those people who are constantly thinking about what new they could create in the kitchen. I mostly start with what I already have at home and build from

Trdelnik or Kürtőskalács

So it’s been quite a few months since we’ve been to Budapest and Prague but we just can’t seem to forget about the Kürtőskalács (as they call them in Hungary) or

Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

OK, these cupcakes might not be the healthiest thing I’ve posted on my blog but hey, it’s December and it’s nearly Christmas and I think we should all have a

Cinnamon Ginger Cookies

Visiting Paris with all it’s Christmas spirit already in full swing due to it’s enormous Christmas market at Champs-Élysées has put me in a »Christmas mode« a bit early this

Walnut Roll

Potica is a traditional Slovenian festive dish or dessert. It is especially popular around Christmas and Easter. I believe Potica is a pride of every Slovenian housewife. And I believe