The bestest Tiramisu

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Have you ever seen the TV series Munchies? We discovered it by chance when eating pizza in Zagreb, Croatia (I know, so random), and then we searched clips of it on YouTube, and found a clip of a chef making tiramisu from scratch. So I decided to make my, wait for it, FIRST EVER TIRAMISU! I can’t believe it took me so long but here it is.



Scotland in one week – travel guide

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OK, so you’ve decided you want to go to Scotland and you’re all ready and familiar with my 10 tips for travel in Scotland. You also know that you have a good 7 days of time to see the most of Scotland, so here’s where I come in with my week in Scotland travel guide (itinerary) or how to get the most out of your 7 days in Scotland.


Day 1:


Arrive late night at Edinburgh airport. Pick up your rented car at Sixt (or other rental company) and drive to the nearby hotel – I suggest Holiday Inn Express since it is a 3 minute drive away, you always know what you get and the rooms are clean and modern. We’re not fans of their breakfasts, but that’s maybe because of the English breakfast, not Holiday Inn Express in general. Well, at least you get an excuse to eat a croissant and Nutella for breakfast.


Welcome to Edinburgh.


10 tips for travel in Scotland

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Traveling has become a lot easier in the past few years, with all the information about the sights, roads, weather, accommodation, and plane tickets available online, but we still have to do some work on our own to plan our perfect vacation. I personally love doing this (for the most part), but sometimes it would be helpful to get some tips to prepare for a carefree trip. So here are my 10 tips for travel around Scotland:

1. Rent a car

Don’t be afraid of driving a car in Scotland just because they drive on the left side of the road. Driving around in a car is the fastest way to get around Scotland and it will also allow you to see the most of it. Rent a car with an automatic transmission (it’s a lot easier to have one less thing to think about) and a diesel (it is cheaper and the car will use less fuel on long distances). I suggest you rent it at Sixt – we booked a small Škoda Fabia but since they did not have it at the moment, they gave us the BMW 320d for the same price. This is their policy – if they don’t have it, they’ll just give you a better one. And the drivers in Scotland are very good and polite, so you really have nothing to fear.

Follow their traffic conditions site and you should be fine. There are no road tolls to pay on any type of road, so you’ll save up with this (and have more money for the fuel).


We named it Ben Murray Wilson (get it? BMW?)


Restaurant Grič and Zlati Grič wines

This past weekend was a very special one for me, which will definitely stay in my memory for a long time. Firstly, because we visited Graz, where I have not yet been (and also because I could cheer for Aljoša on the flag football tournament) despite a rainy and cold August Saturday, and secondly because it was my birthday. This special occasion called for a birthday lunch. Where? In Gostilna Grič (restaurant). I heard a lot about Gostilna Grič as a restaurant that is considered one of the better in that region of Slovenia, but also of Zlati Grič as a producer of wines that excite your taste buds so that you can not easily forget them. Although the restaurant and winery have separate owners, they are nevertheless very connected (it is food and wine we are talking about after all). Find out what we ate and what we drank below. 😉


Gostilna Repovž

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but the summertime, the seaside, the travels, work and trainings do their thing, and a month or two turn around without even knowing how and when. But finally, today, a special story is in front of you. The story of Šentjanž, Slovenia. Repovž. A small town we’ve heard a lot about. A town on the border between the Savinja and Dolenjska regions. About family. Family business. Ecological farm. Tradition of over 150 years. A culinary experience with top quality wines – luckily they also offer accommodation. We decided to have the royal pampering, which, besides the 7-course dinner, also includes one night for two and breakfast. It was definitely an experience to remember. One for the books, you might say!


Gostilna Rajh

Like many (especially slightly Instagram and food-obsessed) girls, I have a bucket list of restaurants I want to visit. This list is divided into Slovenian and foreign restaurants. I think that everyone should taste the food of at least some really good restaurants around the world to experience different tastes, and find out what you like and what not. This way you in a way find yourself, especially if you like cooking yourself, and discover your “style”.


Culinary weekend in Prekmurje

Today, I got a friendly reminder from Facebook that it has been five years since I graduated from law school. On the one hand, I got this horrible feeling that I am getting old, but I know there are so many things to explore, see and try … Maybe this is the reason that for the whole week something was trying to tell me that we should really really go somewhere this weekend.


Amazing lunch at InterContinental Ljubljana B-Restaurant

Culinary adventures | November 14, 2017 | By

On Friday, 11 November, InterContinental Ljubljana and its 20th floor restaurant – B-restaurant – hosted a few of us lucky ones for lunch. We had the honor of tasting a few of the dishes from the Autumn menu of Michelin star chef Alfredo Russo.


Lunch above Ljubjana {“Dinner in the Sky” Ljubljana}

Culinary adventures | September 24, 2017 | By

When the most famous culinary family in Slovenia, the Jezeršek family, invites you to lunch, you simply don’t say no. Especially when they invite you to have lunch with them in the sky! How was it? One word: AMAZING! Keep reading to see the views from this restaurant in the sky and of course to drool over the delicious three course meal we’ve had.


Amsterdam Food Guide

I fell in love with Amsterdam before I even had the chance to taste any of the delicious foods it offers. The streets, the canals, the bridges, the houses, the tulips.. just, everything! But the foodie that I am just had to research where and what to eat if in Amsterdam for three to four days. Here’s what we had the chance to taste and what I suggest you do to: